The most popular “Sport Celebrity Meetup Session” was held on July 21st 2020 afternoon during the first Taiwan Sports Industry Expo in Taipei, inviting 3 elite athletes including the world women’s boxing champion Ms. Chen Nien-Chin(陳念琴), the  Olympian of Winter Olympic Games and also current Chairman of Qin-Mei(勤美) Group Mr. Lin Ting-Fang(林廷芳) and former BMX extreme cyclist and current Manager of Decathlon(迪卡儂) Sports Goods Mr. Yo Jia-Yu(游家毓) to talk about their changes that sports have brought to them and the wonderful life of their own.

Making one of the series of the Olympic Day celebration, the first Taiwan Sports Industry Expo launches in Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from 17th July to 9th August, 2020. The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee also holds the meetup session of the Elite Athletes. The face-to-face talk in the session allows the public ask questions freely, and have close interaction with the athletes and with a bike stunt of BMX, so that the public can easily realize the exciting stories and the rich experiences of the  above speakers.

Through the interactive speech, the 3 speakers who now have outstanding achievements in their own career recount their individual sport life and share what they have learned from their respective sports career. The public on the scene sounds a series of screams, which makes a sign of warming up for next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games and also a brilliant activity shining the first Taiwan Sports Industry Expo.

World women’s boxing champion Ms. Chen Nien-Chin (left)
Olympian of Winter Olympic Games Mr. Lin Ting-Fang (left)
BMX extreme cyclist Mr. Yo Jia-Yu (left)
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