The 2020 Taiwan Sport Industry Expo kicked off on July 17th at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei, and will run until August 9th 2020. Minister of Education PAN Wen-Chung, Taipei Mayor KO Wen-Je and President of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) LIN Hong-Dow attended the opening ceremony. In the opening remark of President Lin, he applauded the Expo for showing the strength of Taiwan’s sports industry and hoped for attracting more public concern on the sports development environment.

The Expo is one of the events CTOC organized for 2020 Olympic Day Celebrations.

CTOC contributed a special exhibition to showcase precious Olympic historical items, torches, mascots, and Olympic Games-related collections. The highlights of this exhibition include the display of 1964 Tokyo Olympic Torch, which was relayed to Taiwan during the world Torch Relay. In addition, the very first Olympic medal won by Chinese Taipei Delegation also made its debut to the public for the first time.

Moreover, there will be two side events “Sport Celebrity Meetup Session” and “Tokyo 2020-Chinese Taipei Delegation Uniform Launch Event” organized by CTOC during the Expo. The “Sport Celebrity Meetup Session” will be held on July 21st, inviting Olympians such as Ms. Nien-Chin CHEN (Boxing), Mr. Ting-Fang LIN (Skiing), and famous BMX cyclist Mr. Chia-Yu YOU to share their striving journey to become elite athletes.

The “Tokyo 2020-Chinese Taipei Delegation Uniform Launch Event” will be held on July 23rd, demonstrating the unique design of traditional Taiwan aesthetics and the high- quality fabric made in Taiwan. This event acts as an encouragement for the athletes who are preparing for Tokyo 2020 next year, and a promotion of Team TPE to the general public.

Chairman of CTOC, Lin, Hong-dow and of CTOC, Lin, Hong-dow (right) and Minister of Education, Pan, Wen-chung(left).
Olympians celebrated the opening ceremony of 2020 Taiwan Sports Industry Expo.
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