Chinese Taipei Olympic Academy (CTOA)

Chinese Taipei Olympic Academy (CTOA) was established in 1978, the fourth National Olympic Academy (NOA) founded among a total of 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the world, in accordance with Bye-law 3 to Rule 6 of the Statute of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee: To set up Olympic institutes, i.e. National Olympic Academy, Olympic Museums and engage in other Olympic related cultural programmes. After having continued efforts in promoting the Olympic education for more than 40 years, the CTOA still makes relentless contributions in this regard through various annual educational activities, including the Chinese Taipei Olympic Academy Session, Olympic Education Outreach Programme, International Sports Affairs Training Course and many more. It has successfully unlocked and cultivated full potential of thousands of participants interested in the Olympic subjects, which also laid the solid foundation for CTOA’s development of the Olympic education.

In an effort to pass on the values of the Olympic spirit to the future generations, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) hereby plays an active role in arranging participation for targeted groups in educational sessions held by the International Olympic Academy (IOA) and National Olympic Academies, in addition to the promotion of the Olympic education within the island. The session participants are given opportunities to broaden their horizon and conduct international exchanges, which, in a way, fully embodies the essence of the Olympic Values: Excellence, Friendship, Respect.

The CTOA was awarded prize “ATHENA” by the distinguished IOA in 2019. The prize ATHENA, established in 2003 and presented on a yearly basis, honors individuals or organizations who have made long consistent involvement in the promotion of the fundamental principles and values of Olympism. The CTOA was the fifth NOA in the world awarded the prize, making IOA’s recognition even more valuable.

Chinese Taipei Olympic Academy (CTOA)

President: Mr. Hong-Dow LIN (President, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee)

Dean: Ms. Mei-Yen CHEN (Chairman, Education Commission of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee)


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