Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) and National Sports Training Center (NSTC) launched the ‘100 Days to Tokyo’ countdown ceremony to inspire the delegation for TOKYO 2020. President Hong-Dow LIN of CTOC motivates the stars of tomorrow to persist in chasing their dreams and stay healthy.

President Hong-Dow LIN of CTOC, motivates the athletes to persist in chasing their dreams and stay healthy.

Although TOKYO 2020 has been postponed, Chef de Mission of the Chinese Taipei delegation, Chen-Wei TSAI, is full of confidence in Team TPE thanks to the success of domestic prevention policies. At the 100 days countdown ceremony, President Ing-Wen TSAI encouraged all athletes to make an all-out effort and pursue for their excellence in the Olympics Games.

On the same day, CTOC releases the Olympic hopeful’s image to cheer for Team TPE, and catch nationals’ eyes on the approaching sports event. Through this online campaign, CTOC expects to appeal to the support of national athletes, who commit to every training sessions and compete worldwide for the Olympic qualification during the pandemic, realizing the Olympic Spirit.

      CTOC echoes the core value of the Olympic movement and keeps supporting athletes to realize their dreams by providing comprehensive logistics support and communicates with all stakeholders for building a better world through sport during this difficult time.

#faster-higher-stronger #StrongerTogether

CTOC releases the athlete image on the 100-day countdown to TOKYO 2020.
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