Climate change becomes a hot topic around the world and implicates critically to the development of sports. In response to the goal of “net zero carbon emissions” by 2050, the Sport and Environment Committee of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) actively participated in environmental sustainability initiatives, and for the first time advocated the environmental education activity of “Sustainable Future, Youth Together” during the National High School Games 2024.
Professor Huang Yu of the National Tsing Hua University’s Sports Business and Policy Center, who assisted in the first promotional activity on April 21, 113, at the Taipei Stadium Athletics Stadium, pointed out that this exhibition is mainly to emphasize that many of the items provided by sports events are actually integrated with energy-saving and carbon-reducing elements, such as sportswear and trophies made from recycled items are so called “circular economy”and the classic cases of “carbon reduction”.

This exhibition advocates that sustainable living can be practiced from the perspective of life, and encourages those young participants to form habits of energy conservation and carbon reduction in their daily life. At the same time, an interesting advocacy video was also designed, and the environmental sustainability mascot A-Song was invited as the spokesperson, and interactive Q&A with the participants at the exhibition site, by giving recycled tableware to achieve an entertaining and educational effect. Especifically, this initiative is in line with the World Earth Day on April 22, which is also particularly meaningful to educate the young athletes participating in the Games to promote and practice the concept of environmental protection in different ways.

In addition to the above initiative, the CTOC in conjunction with the IOC, issue the Campaign to Save Climate Agenda. While we face of increasingly severe climate extremes, the CTOC hope to see the attention and actions of the public participating in the movement for a sustainable environment. This is not only about protecting the health of athletes and the competitive sports environment, but also about the responsibility and commitment of future generations. As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, we believe that we can work together to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and make the earth a green home. In this year, President Lin Hong-Dow of the CTOC also recorded a video in support of energy conservation and carbon reduction, calling on more friends of all ages involved in the movement to respond to the environmental sustainability activities of net zero carbon emissions.

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