On November 6, 2022, the 45th Olympic Conference had come to an end after four days of wonderful events. Hong-Dow LIN, President of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, and Teng-Jiao LIN, Deputy Minister of Education, both attended the opening ceremony in person. Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education Deputy Director-General Che-Hung LIN joined the closing ceremony and listened to each project in the conference. He highly recognized the brilliant work students created in such a short time and encouraged students to move on to international goals. In the future, the Deputy Director-General hopes more young students can visit the International Olympic Academy (IOA) to be steeped in and feel the charm of Olympic philosophy.

Foreign lecturer Jim Parry from England talked about virtual sports, Beatriz Garcia from Spain shared about the Olympics and city culture, and Akinori SHINOMIYA from Japan used self -experience as a social media practitioner in Tokyo Olympic Games to bring up topics and discuss with the students. On the last day, the students were divided into nine groups for projects on special topics. Taiwanese students’ proactive attitude and creativity impressed foreign lecturers. They look forward to having Taiwanese students involved in Olympic education in the future.

Mei-Yen CHEN, the Dean of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Academy (CTOA), gave special thanks to all participating lecturers, event moderators, youth counselors, and the work crew. Because of their efforts, we successfully host the first major international conference after the COVID-19 pandemic and border restrictions.

All participating students have learned a lot from the brainstorming in the seminar; they also build several lifelong friendships from it. In their future, the Olympic spirit and value will be their greatest treasure in life.

There were 100 students who participated in this conference, most of whom were college students aged 18 to 23. They may be the potential new force in the Olympic education.

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