The attendees from the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (Middle one President Hong-Dow Lin).

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and the Chinese Olympic Committee co-organized the 23rd Sport Exchange Symposium on 30th March 2021,in which the bilateral Committee reviewed the activities held last year and confirmed the 10 activities expected to be held in this year. The symposium was co-chaired by President Lin Hong-Dow (林鴻道) of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and President Gou Zhong-Wen(苟仲文) of the Chinese Olympic Committee. The symposium which was originally scheduled to be held at the end of 2019, was delayed to this year 2021 due to tight schedule of the two Committees and the impact of the epidemic in 2020. In order to avoid the symposium interrupted by restrictions of the epidemic for too long, this year’s conference was conducted by online video.

The establishment of the exchange visits and sports exchanges between the cross-strait Olympic Committees initiated in 1997. With the goal of the symposium to plan the important sports exchanges between the two sides in the coming year and to take turns as host and guest respectively in every year, it has now entered into 23rd years. President Lin Hong-Dow of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee said that the cross-strait Olympic exchange visits and sports exchanges for more than 20 years and have established sound interaction and friendship. No matter how the external situation changes, the Cross-Strait Olympic Committee will always carry out sports exchanges on the foundation of mutual trust, benefit and reciprocity to achieve the significant result of cross-strait exchanges in all sport spheres. For example, the Chinese Olympic Committee fed back to our request to include baseball in the official competition of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which has enriched the visibility of the Hangzhou Asian Games and also met the aspirations of Taiwan’s fans. It proves obvisiouly the mutually beneficial achievements of sports exchanges between the two Committees.

President Lin wishes all international competitions can be revived after the epidemic slows down, so as the exchanges of cross-strait Olympic Committee in the coaching, player exchanges, sports information and experience sharing can be able to reinstate as they have been done in the past. With the Tokyo Olympic Games around the corner, President Lin also wishes the athletes of the two sides can have excellent performance at the Tokyo Olympic Games. And he looks forward to improving the level of skill for coaches and athletes of both sides through the interaction of top professionals between the Committees in the future.

The 8 attendees from the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee were – President Lin Hong-Dow, Vice President Tsai Szu-Chuen(蔡賜爵), Vice President Chen Shyh-Kwei(陳士魁), Vice President Chang Huan-Cheng(張煥禎), EB Member Lin Che-Hung(林哲宏), Member Hsu Hsiu-Ling(許秀玲), Secretary-General Lee Yu-Fang(李玉芳), Advisor Sun Lih-Chyun(孫立群)

The 8 attendees from the Chinese Olympic Committee were-

President Gou Zhongwen (苟仲文), Vice President Gao Zhidan (高志丹), Vice President Liu Guoyong (劉國永), Secretary General Song Keqin (宋克勤), Deputy Secretary-General Wang Liwei (王立偉), Deputy Chief of the Department of Science and Education) Zhau Jingwei (曹景偉), Deputy Chief of the Department of Finance Yang Xuexuan (楊雪鶇), Deputy Secretary-General Wu Jian (吳堅)。

Group photo of attendees in 23rd Cross-Strait sport exchange symposium (Left-Chinese Taipei NOC, Right-Chinese NOC).

Memorandum of the 23rd Sport Exchange Symposium of Cross-Strait Olympic Committees

2021 Sport Exchanges held in Mainland China-

  1. 23rd Cross-Strait Olympic Games Sport Exchange Symposium (Has been processed by online video)  第23屆兩岸奧會體育交流座談會。
  2. Competitive sports coaches professional and technical exchange delegation 競技運動教練專業技術交流訪問團。
  3. Sports training center professional delegation 運動訓練中心專業人員訪問團。
  4. Multi-Games organizers delegation 大型運動賽會籌辦人員訪問團。
  5. Sports media personnel exchange delegation 體育媒體人員交流訪問團

2021 Sport Exchanges held in Taiwan

  1. Gold medal coaches and athletes delegation and Elite Coaching Seminar 金牌教練及選手訪問團暨參加菁英教練研習會。
  2. Sports science supports competitive training delegation and seminar 運動科學支援競技訓練科研人員訪問團暨研討會。
  3. Water sports professionals delegation 水上運動專業人員參訪團。
  4. The 12th cross-strait sports industry seminar 第12屆兩岸運動產業研討會。
  5. The 24th cross-strait Olympic Committee sport exchange Symposium 第24屆兩岸奧會體育交流座談會
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