At the southern end of Taiwan, the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology hosted a one-day sports event with international sports activities, “The 100th anniversary of CTOC– Olympic Youth Camp,” on October 19, 2022. There were over 300 people participated in this grand event. Students from 12 different high schools and junior high schools in southern Taiwan came to join the camp. 

At this event, there were several splendid keynote speeches, which included:

  1. Pei-Shan Teng, an education commissioner at the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, gave a speech about sports and the Olympics’ core values based on her experience as an athlete.
  2. Yu-Hsuan Kuo, a Chinese Taipei Gymnastic Association member, shared her experience of participating in the international competition and talked about the history of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and the Olympic Protocol.
  3. Hsi-En Hsieh, a track and field athlete of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, shared her life story about how she cleared the doubt about being elected as a member of the Tokyo Olympic Chinese Taipei while facing intense competitions and suffering from her injury.

In the sports experience sessions, the gold medalist of the Asian Orienteering Championships, Cheng-Hsun Liu, organized the orienteering experience for students. He led the students to learn how to solve problems and achieve goals in difficult situations. Deputy Secretary of the Chinese Taipei Weightlifting Association Yu-Te Wang hosted the weightlifting experience for students. He introduced innovative teaching– using PVC water pipe instead of the professional barbell to let the students experience the skills that are critical for the weightlifting sport.

The National Pingtung University of Science and Technology was honored to have the support of the Olympic Council of Asia and the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee. Through this event, we hope not only to encourage students to build positive life attitudes but also to help them form the concept of the Olympic Motto: Faster, Higher, Stronger in their adolescence. Let the Olympic values of Excellence, Respect, and Friendship be ingrained in their minds.

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