Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) hold the 2nd Kids Games 2024, continuing the good reputation of the 1st last year. The 2nd event was chosen to be held in Taipei City, the capital city. The implementation results exceeded the results in 2023, with the number of participants reaching 2016, and more than 15000 people experiencing sports and participating on-site. During the two days from May 11 to 12, total of 12 Olympic sports experiences: track and field, gymnastics, badminton, football, taekwondo, archery, shooting, boxing, fencing, weightlifting, basketball, and breaking dance have won unanimous praise from parents and children. This year, the mascot “Yi-lu” was born, which is shaped like a Taiwanese sika deer and the lively look attract the attention of children. The deer became a highlight of the event, and the children expressed their desire to join and play in the Kids Games again next time.

In the early morning of May 11, the CTOC also held an Olympic running marathon event at Da-jia Riverside Park in Taipei City, attracting 3,700 people to participate in. Cécile Renault, director of academic cooperation and culture of the French office in Taipei, was invited to join the activity. To celebrate, there are a variety of interesting stalls on site to connect the public with sports and culture. Welcome everyone to cheer for all the athletes of the 2024 Paris Olympics this year!


In the opening ceremony of Kids Games, President of the CTOC, LIN Hong-Dow said: “We look forward to continuing to hold the Kids Games, which will not only allow children to experience the fun of sports, but more importantly, bring the whole family members to participate in sports and plant the seeds of future Olympic dreams. To promote sports and healthy society is our goal.”

The vice President of the Executive Yuan CHENG,Wen-Tsan, Mayor of Taipei City CHIANG Wan-An and his second son, Speaker of the Taipei City Council TAI,Hsi-Chin, Secretary General of the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education LU, Chung-Jen, Director of the Taipei Sports Bureau WANG Hong-Xiang and other distinguished guests came to the field. Participate in sports and respond to the CTOC’s concept of promoting sports for all.

At the same time, a series of Olympic Day activity booths were also set up at the event, using image flipping games related to the Olympic movement in Chinese and English to subtly let children understand the spirit and value of sports. The Olympic Day logo is also printed on the T-shirt of each children player to remind everyone to commemorate Olympic Day together.

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