An Alumni Educational Networking Event was held on March 29 2020, included a seminar and sport climbing activity which provided alumni from International Sports Affairs Training Course (ISATC) to meet and share their experience in sport administration as well as working as the Chinese Taipei Team manager for our athletes.

ISATC has proudly marked the 10th year milestone this year. With 10 years on, the Alumni Network of ISATC has grown into many hundreds. By passing down the practical experience from senior alumni, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) is able to cultivate a younger generation of sport administrators. During the seminar, Dr. Lih-Chyun SUN, Senior Advisor of CTOC delivered a presentation introducing CTOC’s various aspects of work content and most importantly, a series of marketing events highlighting CTOC’s preparation work for Tokyo 2020.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, CTOC still aims to stay active and stay strong. Thorough preventive measures were taken throughout the event. The classroom surrounding was completely sanitized before and after the event. In addition, 1.5 meter safe distance of sitting was enforced and participants were required to wear masks throughout the event. A small-scale interactive indoor sports climbing event with less than 20 people was designed to form a closer bond among the alumni. Participants paired up to test run a sport climbing course that requires communication and cooperation between the person on the ground and on the wall.

With the success of the event this time, the second alumni event will be hosted at the second half of the year. CTOC looks forward to attracting more alumni’s participation by coordinating more interactive group activities.

A sport climbing event was designed to form a closer bond among the ISATC alumni.
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