Olympic Quiz Game


Many sports games have been postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, such as the National Middle School Athletic Games in Taiwan, which was supposed to take place in April 2022. However, the National University and College Athletic Games, another important sports gala for students in Taiwan, had successfully held in May. There was a total of 22 sports events, and 18,951 athletes participated in National University and College Athletic Games. This game is the biggest occasion for the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) to make contact with young adults who are around 18-25 years old. As a tradition, CTOC set up a promotion stand at the game field and interacted with coaches, athletes, and sports team staff.  

Asian Games Canoeing Twice Silver medalist Chen Wei han


Chinese Taipei canoeist Wei-Han Chen, who won the silver medal twice at Asian Games, was also involved in this year’s Olympic educational activities. She designed a game with Olympic knowledge quizzes putting the spirit of the Olympics into the quiz game. Student-athletes could join the quiz game on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. By playing the quiz game, students could further understand the concept of Olympic education. In order to have the souvenirs of CTOC’s 100th anniversary, students joined the quiz game eagerly. There were also team competitions in the quiz game, with three people as a team answering the questions. If team members successively answered three questions correctly, they could have the limited edition of the Tokyo Olympic Chinese Taipei Sport Stars Calendar. There were 907 people participated in this activity; the educational propaganda was successful. 

In the future, CTOC will continuously host activities with academic institutions. Align with the theme of IOA 2022, CTOC will combine technology platforms to convey the Olympic values: excellence, respect, and friendship. Hoping to let more young students experience life inspiration from the Olympics.

Chinese Taipei Olympic centenary desk calendar is very popular
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