Echoing the #StrongerTogether event initiated by IOC, on July 29th Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee reveals its first co-branded iPass card, shaped as a mini Chinese Taipei delegation uniform for TOKYO 2020, to invoke nationals to root for athletes aiming at TOKYO 2020.

With the same design as Chinese Taipei delegation uniform, but resized to be carried everywhere, the iPass card is not only E-tickets which could be used for daily consumption, but also with memorial value of Chinese Taipei delegation of TOKYO 2020.

Chinese Taipei delegation uniform, presented with plum blossom badge to stand for Team TPE and colored with dark blue symbolizing stable strength to inspire the world in this unprecedented time, is sponsored by CTOC’s official partner VICTOR.

All the limited 1,000 pieces of iPass were rapidly sold out in ten minutes after it started preordering on July 29th.


Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Mini Delegation Uniform iPass Card.
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