Chu Mu-Yen, 2004 Athens Olympics Taekwondo gold medalist, currently serves as the Chairman of the Athletes’ Commission, together with the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, responded to the International Olympic Committee’s sustainability policies and initiated a beach cleanup campaign. He invites the public to join him in urging everyone to collectively safeguard marine ecosystems, emphasizing the importance of taking action to address global environmental issues. Through this campaign, the goal is to raise awareness about the need for marine environmental protection in society.

In recent years, marine ecosystems worldwide have faced significant challenges, with issues like plastic pollution and marine litter seriously threatening the balance and biodiversity of these ecosystems. To draw attention to this issue, the Chinese Taipei Athletes’ Commission work together with the Environmental Protection Commission, and the Gender Equity Commission. Chu Mu-Yen invited former Winter Olympian Lin Ting-Fung, former Asian and Olympic athletes including Chen Yi-an, Yu Chih-Ying, Lin Chien-ju, Chang Chia-Che, Chuang Chia-Chia, Kuo Hsing-Chun, Wang Kuan-Hung, Lin Yu-Ting, Huang Yi-Ting, Wu Chia-Ying, Lo Chia-Ling and Peng Ming-Yang from different generations of athletes to participate in this initiative. Their goal is to encourage more people to get involved and collectively protect our environment through tangible actions.

International Olympic Committee has been dedicated to promoting sustainable environmental policies and recognizes the influence and responsibility of athletes in society. This beach cleanup event aligns with the International Olympic Committee’s 2020+5 Agenda, aiming to showcase the values and social responsibility of athletes through their actions.

The beach cleanup took place at Dingliao Beach in Linkou Disctrit, New Taipei City, where participants were given guidance on understanding the impact of our daily lives on the environment and promoting the concept of environmental sustainability before the cleanup. Over 120 individuals joined this event, collaborating with our national Olympic and Asian Games athletes to clean up the beach.

We have only one Earth, and it is the responsibility of every individual to contribute to its protection. This beach cleanup campaign not only marks the beginning of our efforts to raise awareness but also aims to rally more people to incorporate environmental conservation into their daily lives.

After the cleanup, all athletes earnestly invite everyone to contribute to our beautiful planet, encouraging us to collectively safeguard marine ecosystems and create a better environment for future generations.

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