Kaohsiung, September 26. Aiming at helping athletes gaining better understanding of sports agent, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and CTOC Athletes’ Commission held a “Sports Agent Forum” at National Sports Training Center. CTOC invited experts of sports agent, media and sports law, who are skilled in sports-related field to the shared their knowledge and experience in the industry of sports agent.

Chang, Hsien-ming(張憲銘), chairman of Flight International Company and former national basketball player, shared his experience of cooperation with Taiwanese MLB player Wang, Chien-ming(王建民), Chen, Chin-feng(陳金鋒) and NBA player Jeremy Lin(林書豪). He mentioned that sports agent could bring various benefit for athletes in different ways, not only for business, but personal branding management, social media operation, professional training advice etc. As a former sportsman, he stressed that the main focus for athletes should always be sports, rather than other part of business.

Furthermore, lawyer Lin, Cheng-hwang(林振煌) recommended that athletes should check the basic clauses in the contract by themselves, such as commission rate,  cooperation period, payment of liquidated damage, etc. He also underlined the importance of consult from lawyer before entering into any contract.
Putting athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement, CTOC is dedicated to seeking resources on fostering athletes in various ways, and cooperating with the government, NFs to build different kinds of programs to help athletes develop their future in diversified way.


Chang, Hsien-ming(張憲銘), president of Flight International Company shared his practical experiences in sports agent area.
Cheng, Ching-hwang(鄭清煌) , Chief Knowledge Officer of TRANSFORMEDIA, mentioned the importance of Sports Intellectual Property.
Certificated Lawyer Lin, Cheng-hwang(林振煌) proposed several precautions before signing contract.
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