On the occasion of celebrating the milestone of turning 100 years old, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) is hosting a series of events, one of which was the banquet held on December 9th. In line with the spirit of Olympism – Friendship, over 500 friends and families were present at the festivity including the President of Taiwan, prestigious guests from the International Federations, National Federations (NFs), Olympians and Paralympians, active athletes, CTOC’s commission members and fellow friends from embassies and governments.

Torch Relay was designed as one of the focal programs, and the Torch Bearers were medalists and athletes from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, 1968 Mexico Olympics, 2004 Athens Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics, and 2020 Tokyo Olympics and athletes representing the National Golden Athlete Program, symbolizing the spirits and virtue from the predecessors in the past 100 years being passed down to the younger generation and the Olympic spirits of Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together. Breakdancing and WuShu presentation were also on the agenda.

President Yin-Wen TSAI said: “It is exciting being surrounded by friends from the sporting community and celebrating CTOC being established for 100 years. Many thanks to all athletes, coaches, entourages, NFs, and families for their efforts and tenacities, leading Taiwan’s performance in the Olympic Movement to a new high and bringing citizens together with honor. I look forward to seeing CTOC continue to join hand in hand with the government to build an even better environment for the athletes.”

CTOC President Hong-Dow LIN mentioned: “CTOC’s 100th anniversary is a significant milestone, I am grateful for all the past leaders of our Olympic Committee, cultivating us to participate in the Olympic Movements, helping us to achieve new highs, building friendships around the globe and making CTOC the bridge for our national sports sector with the international sports world.”

CTOC has promoted over 30 different games within the Country to foster the relationship with NFs and held a Children’s Painting Contest to inspire and educate children about sports. CTOC would continue to collaborate with the community, sponsoring athletes, promoting sports for all and spreading the spirit of Olympism to build legacies and bring honor for centuries to come.

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