The 43rd Session of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Academy opened by Frances Lee, Secretary General of the CTOC and Director of the NOA in Kaohsiung on 20th August 2020. This NOA was honored to have President Isidoros KOUVELOS of the International Olympic Academy delivered a speech on video. CTOC uphold the Olympic motto of “faster, higher, stronger” and “excellence, friendship, respect” of the Olympic spirit, continue to promote universally the Olympic education in Taiwan. The theme of the session was “Olympic Forest – Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle”. With the deterioration of the Earth’s environment, the IOC is scheduled to create the Olympic Forest in Africa by 2030, extracting the theme of this seminar. This NOA has for the first time adopted an electronic manual to convey all messages of the course to reduce the cost of the Earth’s resources in a paperless manner.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the invited lecturers from Hungary, the United Kingdom and Greece delivered their speeches online passing on intellectual transmission  without border limit. The essence of the four-day courses conveying the important concepts of the theme which include energy conservation of green buildings, natural environment preservation, legacy and sustainable management and keeping lifelong exercise, were stated thoroughly by lecturers from home and abroad. More than 80 participants benefited the diverse courses in class and outdoors, which include a visit of Kaohsiung National Stadium equipping with solar power energy, also known for the main stadium of the World Games 2009, and water skiing activity in the Lotus Pond(蓮池潭) . The experience of water-skiing activity in the Lotus Pond is a highlight, since it can not only increase the oxygen content in the water to activate diverse ecology in the water but also a good real example of the promotion of friendly environment.

Although the COVID-19 has not yet calmed down so far, only from this moment on, we must practice what we preaches to build friendly environment as we could and maintain good physical capability, so that we are capable to defense the counter-attack of the nature and keep a clean earth for the next generation.

Opening Ceremony by Frances Lee, NOC Secretary General and NOA Director.
Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos, IOA President, delivered a speech on video in Opening Ceremony.
Group photo of all participants.
Five rings circled by participants in Kaohsiung National Stadium.
Water Skiing activity and SUP in Lotus Pond.
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