December 29th, Taipei: Despite the challenge of Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC), in cooperation with Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, hosted the 11th International Sports Affairs Training Course (2021 ISATC)” from June 30th to July 30th.

Riding the wave of technology and digital learning, 2021 ISATC used online education platform, in which participants were able to learn and exchange experiences unlimitedly. Moreover, CTOC invited its NOC counterparts to take part in the courses with 44 international participants from 16 NOCs this year. CTOC strengthened the bond with South Asia countries as 5 NOC delegates from Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia exchanged working experience with participants.

Mr. James Macleod, Director of NOC Relations, International Olympic Committee, encouraged all participants to be open to new ideas and transfer their enthusiasm into practical skills in the face of fast-changing sport world via a video message. From the previous 10 editions, more than 600 ISATC alumni have graduated and joined the international sports affairs. President Hong-Dow LIN of CTOC committed that CTOC will continue cultivating sport administrators and inspiring people who have passion for sport by this training course.

International experts from IOC, ANOC, IWG, and IOA, shared experiences and delivered diversified topics including Sports Diplomacy and Politics, Current Trend in Global Sport, International Sport Marketing…etc, participants are able to deepen their insight into global sport industry and key trends of international sports.

2021 ISATC focused on the topic “Olympic Agenda 2020+5” proposed by the IOC. On the basis of 15 recommendations, participants exchange opinions on how to achieve these goals practically and further carry out on international sport affairs through group discussion and presentation.

Group discussion on “Olympic Agenda 2020+5”
Certificate Awarding (Mr. Hong-DOW LIN, President of CTOC and delegate of 2021 ISATC participants)
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