To echo #StrongerTogether spirit advocated by the International Olympic Committee in the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee is actively cooperating with local organization to promote various sport activities.

This NOC collaborated with Kinmen city government to host “The 2020 Kinmen Sea Swimming Event –Beach Snatching” in Kinmen, an important strategic island between the Taiwan Straits. Initiated from 18 years ago, this annual open sea swimming event in Kinmen is hosted for the purpose to make people introspect by the batter and pursue further peace by this meaningful sport competition on the spot of the historical confrontation of the battlefield.

The event was launched in the morning on 16th August 2020. On behalf of the Committee, Mr. CHANG Chao-Kuo, Vice-President of this NOC, Madam CHANG YANG Bao-lian, President of the Chinese Taipei Weightlifting Association and Dr. WU Kuo-Yu, Deputy Secretary-General of this Committee, who personally participated in the 750-meter race, presented in the event. More than 700 participating swimmers swam forward successfully and completed the first event of this year’s open water swimming in Kinmen. Estimated 1,500 people were on the scene to cheer for the swimmers in this annual sea swimming competition.

We do look forward to the whole people in the world can be inspired by this beach-snatching sea swimming competition and the spirit of #StrongTogether to actively engage in sports through the epidemic.

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