High Spirits Fueled the Family Fun Run for the 18th Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games 2018



A total of 246 parents and children participated in the 2018 Asian Games Family Fun Run in Yilan on May 5th, 2018.

As a prelude to its annual Olympic Day Run, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) hosted the Family Fun Run for the 18th Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games 2018, in conjunction with the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Indonesia Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee (INASGOC). The program aims at raising awareness for this year's Asian Games and encouraging active participation in sports among the public.

The event covered a 3-kilometer run along the Yilan Sports Park, where a comfortable aura is created by the integration of a beautiful natural landscape and local characteristics. Apart from local participants, representatives from the OCA and INASGOC were also present at the celebration, including Mr. Zhou Jian, Media Manager (OCA), Mr. Wissam Trkmani Bilal, Coordinator (OCA), Mr. Syahrir Nawier, Executive Board Member (INASGOC) and Mr. Arief Budiman Asril, photographer of of Media & Public Relations (INASGOC).

Japanese long-distance runner Masako Chiba, who clenched the bronze medal in the marathon race at the 2003 World Athletics’ Championships in Paris, was invited to set the pace for the group. At the end of the event, with cheering crowd at the finish line, the families were seen crossing the line holding hands, and received thundering applause for their success.

Altogether 15 groups of families emerged as winner of the Fun Run and received 2018 Asian Games mascots as awards among other presents. Moreover, officials from the Sport Authority, CTOC and Yilan County Government were presented with Asian Games pin collections as a token of appreciation by the OCA.

CTOC’s annual Olympic Day Run was attended by 2,603 local and international runners for both the 21-kilometer and 10-kilometer races. It is now a celebrated event in Taiwan.